September 17, 2023 - Trail of Tears Motorcycle Ride

September 17, 2023 - Trail of Tears Motorcycle Ride

For the past 25 years, the Trail of Tears Remembrance Ride out of Chattanooga has come together to remember those ancestors forcibly removed from their homelands by aggressors. They've raised thousands of dollars in scholarship funds to Native American children, placed historical land-markers in areas along the Trail and in Oklahoma, marked new trails and made dozens of donations to educational projects.

Over a four-day period this ride covered not just one trail, but several trails through the Drane/Hood Route, The Bell Route, The Benge Route and The Northern Route across eight different states - no other ride has ever done this, and no other ride creates such a remembrance of so many different tribes of the Native American Peoples.

DATE: 09/17/2023
Bridgeport, Alabama


2 thoughts on “September 17, 2023 - Trail of Tears Motorcycle Ride

Paul Murray

The Trail of Tears is always the 3rd Saturday in September which this year, 2023 is September 16, not 17th

June 6, 2023 at 20:32pm

The trail of tears as usually on a Saturday.
September 17th 2023 is on a Sunday.
Did they move it to Sunday?

April 30, 2023 at 16:41pm

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