The Eyes Have It

The Eyes Have It

One of the things that you can’t help but have to sort out today is eye protection. Let’s be honest, with so many V-Twin and cruiser owners wearing beanies, you’re really faced with the fact you have to have something for your eyes.

So what do you cover those peepers with?

For years, most of us did the “wraparound shades” thing because it looked good, they stayed put on your face, and nearly any store you’d pass on a ride had at least a couple styles you could pick up if you lost a pair on the road.

(The last set that flew off on me are still somewhere near Kansas City…)

Now, as goofy as it used to look, for years, I had an old pair of flying goggles that I loved, but eventually, they sort of disintegrated. On the other hand, as I’ve gotten older, my optometrist keeps reminding me that cheap glasses are a virtual lock to mess up my vision.


I don’t wear gas station sunglasses anymore, just like I don’t try to stay up all night anymore (unless it’s a real emergency, wink wink…). But just like the clothes you wear to ride, different conditions call for different eyewear.

At night, or when the clouds are low and daylight is not particularly good, I really like lenses with either a yellow or an orange tint. Like these guys here. For 90% of my riding, though, especially in the warmer seasons with long days, I’ve been spending a LOT more time in this set right here. They fit my face perfectly – and I’ve got a real blocky head – but I’ve never had any challenges with them lifting at any speed.

What’s funny is that since I made the shift from cheap glasses to higher quality ones is that I not only see better, but at the end of a long day riding, I’m nowhere near as fatigued as I used to be. It’s got to be all in my head, but I can’t explain it any other way.

So here’s some homework for you to do next time you’re standing by one of those cheap sunglass displays at the gas station: take a pair you like, look at the side of the frame. Don’t adjust them in that crappy little mirror, just put them on... they’re probably crooked.

Let me ask you, if they can’t run an injection molding and make it symmetrical to fit your head, how good do you think the optics are on those shades? Here’s the deal: those lenses are just as bad. Look across the room at something, then put the glasses back on.

Still clear? Probably not.

And if you think that bad lenses don’t hurt your eyesight in the long run, you’re wrong. In fact, there are several in-depth historical studies of Russians who intentionally ruined their vision to avoid being drafted. How’d they do it?

They wore glasses with prescriptions and poor optical quality.

In a matter of days, their vision had been ruined – for life.

Now, you’re the only one that can decide what glasses to wear, but whatever you do, choose eyewear NOT because it looks cool, but because it looks cool and is high quality to ensure your vision doesn’t suffer.

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