Rethinking the “Crazy…”

Rethinking the “Crazy…”

For years, we’ve been “Crazy Al’s” but in light of the way the whole world seems to be
acting in the last 6 months? “Biker Helmets” now seems like a far better choice these

We’ve realized we are well within the range of normal, especially when you think about
what we do: manufacture the highest quality biker helmets in the world – helmets that are
DOT compliant, helmets that are lightweight, and, of course, the World’s Smallest Beanies.

If we look at all the stuff that’s gone on recently in the world, from eating bats to worldwide
pandemics, to folks fighting over a chicken sandwich, then it’s obvious the rest of the world
is crazy. The good news is that, even though there is still a lot of bad things going on
(depending on where you get your news from), we can still get out and ride.

And that’s really the point, isn’t it? The freedom of the road, the feeling of being a part of
the landscape rather than simply an observer of it. The new faces you meet and the looks
they always give us – “Is this biker one of those “bad” ones?” and the flash of acceptance
when they realize you’re just a dude on a bike.

Nothing “crazy” about any of that.

So that brings us to the whole point of this post, and I’ll bet you’ve already felt it, too.

2020 is like a crazy ex, and the best relief from those is always to leave it all behind and go
for a ride. Right now, there’s pretty much no place in North America where the riding is
bad, so why aren’t you burning up the blacktop doing it?

Besides, if your favorite watering hole is open, they’re not letting too many folks in, so you
can’t even enjoy a beer with your boys. You end up drinking a beer with that tired looking
bartender and that one waxxer who has a 2008 Road King, completely chromed out, and
3,200 miles on the clock.

Might as well burn up some hydrocarbons – and gas is cheaper than it’s been in years.

…And that brings me to a challenge I want to throw down to you…

If all we can do is ride, then join the Facebook page and post where you are! Even better?
Post how many miles you got in that day or weekend. Our little circle took the pandemic
hard – three of the fellas are “essential” so they’ve got dusty bikes, but the other guys have
all nearly doubled their usual mileage.

Honestly, it doesn’t even matter if all you did was get out on the bike to run to the store and
back, if you’re getting in some riding, let us know. We built the Facebook page to do more
than share low profile helmets and SOA-inspired beanies, but, we can’t take the picture for

Don’t let the “crazy” win – get out there, in the saddle, and run the roads. You know it’s
about the only place that still makes sense today, so hit it. Besides, this “social distancing”
crap isn’t going away, but not everybody needs to carry an extra seatwarmer.
That’s the mission this week – blow the carbon out of it and post it up on our Facebook
page. Extra credit if you can share something we haven’t seen before – like the dude awhile
back who rode his scoot to go flyfishing in Montana. (Yeah, that one missed us, too…)

Until then, keep your tanks clean…